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    Shi Jin Song: Quatrain-Plum Blossom 

    SHI Jinsong
    Brick Smashed Wang Jianguo’s Head

    As part of ‘Solo Projects’, Platform China Contemporary Art Institute is pleased to present Shi Jinsong’s solo exhibition The Brick Smashed Wang Jianguo’s Head on ARCO Madrid International Contemporary Art Fair after his last show Fire His Breath, Jade His Bones.

    Smash: as a verb-complement phrase with imagining elements of status, in Chinese it’s made of verb and complement.
    Brick: one of the fundamental constructional materials, it can be seen everywhere nowadays in China. As it appears everywhere, it is the common weapon of the street fighting. Besides, it has becomes one of the popular internet language. So “smacking bricks” means to oppose and suppress different views.
    Wang Jianguo: It used to be the most common name during some period in China, implying some universal ethical principle orientation. Here it is the name of a cat.

    (via asylum-art)


    "Once you start saying people don’t love children, that’s how genocides start."

    "Even if they were used as HUMAN SHIELDS, the key ingredient to their death is using the missile, not using them as HUMAN SHIELDS (which I don’t think happens). That’s dehumanization, these children are children of people, of people like us."


    (Source: youtube.com)

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